Best Mushroom Growing Kits to Buy

Are you looking for mushroom growing kits to grow your own mushrooms?

We’ve got you covered!

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Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm Grow Kit

Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm Grow Kit –

Our top pick is none other than the “Back to the Roots Organic Farm Grow kit”! We know this has not come as a surprise to many. Most people who have been in the industry long enough have either heard of or used this all-time classic!

The Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm Grow Kit is all-natural. Everything in the kit is organic and no chemicals or supplements are used. This makes it a healthy option for people of all ages!

It contains famous and highly adaptive oyster mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms offer high yields. Expect your mushrooms to double in size every two days in the early stages of growth when you use this brand and provide your mushrooms with all requirements needed!

The Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm Grow Kit can even be used to make pizza, tacos, or salads! Once purchased, the kit guarantees you a minimum of 5 harvests every 10 days.

Your mushrooms are suitable to grow all year round, and you are guaranteed a complete refund in case the project fails. This pack even includes cherry tomato seeds!

Pink Oyster Mushroom Farm

Pink Oyster Mushroom Farm –

Pink oyster mushrooms are considered an exotic species and thrive well in a grow room, making them a top pick to most mushroom lovers! They can be consumed by people of all ages.

Students love it for science projects, given their growth simplicity.

Pink Oyster Mushroom Farm is made in the US, offering the best pink oyster mushrooms! Their beauty makes them a great gift present, requiring little maintenance to grow quickly.

As long as you water the mushrooms and avoid direct sunlight, you are good to go!

Reishi Mushroom Kit

Reishi Mushroom Kit –

Reishi mushrooms were native Chinese and Japanese traditional medicines! If you want to grow Reishi mushrooms, there is no better kit than the Reishi Mushroom Kit.

The mushrooms have been grown for thousands of years!

These mushrooms have numerous health benefits! This kit it is easy to grow, as long as you follow the instructions, and there aren’t any chemicals used.

White Button Mushroom Grow Kit

White Button Mushroom Grow Kit –

Whether you are a beginner or have experience growing mushrooms, you will love the White Button Mushroom Grow Kit!

This set of mushrooms requires a 4-6 week grow cycle . These are suitable to add onto just about any type of recipe.

This White Button Mushroom Grow Kit grows fast! You should be able to harvest mushrooms every 2 weeks. They even make a perfect science project in school.

The Lions Mane Mushroom Patch

The Lions Mane Mushroom Patch –

Closing up our review of the best mushroom growing kits is none other than the the Lion’s Mane mushroom patch! The mushroom is popular for its medicinal value, and also makes a healthy meal.

It’s organic and suits people of all ages! According to studies, Lion’s Mane mushrooms may help to boost the immune system and support brain function.

Seasonal White Button Mushroom Growing Kit

Seasonal White Button Mushroom Growing Kit –

These mushrooms have minimal growing requirements and will sprout every 2 weeks until all the nutrients are used up.

What to Consider when Purchasing the Best Mushroom Growing Kits

Mushroom Preference

Over 10,000 mushroom species exist, each differing when it comes to flavor and taste. You should first be familiar with the various types of mushrooms in your area before purchasing a mushroom growing kit.

You’ll want to do your homework before determining what species will best suit your needs!


Though mushroom growing kit cost is a limiting factor, it shouldn’t be your only consideration. You can’t purchase what you can’t afford, and expense doesn’t always determine quallity!


Some species yield more mushrooms than others. You can either grow your own for self-consumption or operate as a business. It’s advisable you opt for a brand that will guarantee higher yields either way!

Organic or Inorganic

There are organic and inorganic mushroom growing kits. Both options will yield healthy mushrooms, but organic kits are often advisable.

Do You Prefer Boxes or Logs?

Mushrooms can either be grown in boxes or logs.

Boxes are prefilled with both a growing medium and seeds containing spores.

Logs, on the other hand, are pre-drilled and filled with mycelium or fungal spores. Logs are covered with wax to keep insects out.

Either will work just fine as long as they are always kept in a moist environment.

Why Grow Mushrooms?

The main reason why most people never consider mushrooms as edible is due to numerous mushroom myths! These myths have prevented people from actually seeing the health benefits related to mushroom consumption.

If people knew the insane amount of nutrients packed into these mushrooms, they would be a regular part of the average diet!

Different mushroom species offer different health benefits.

The vast majority of us know mushrooms to be umbrella-shaped non-green plants that grow on logs or in dark places.

Purchasing these mushrooms from the grocery store is actually very expensive! This is yet another reason why you need a mushroom growing kit! You can either grow mushrooms for consumption or invest as a business.

Either way, you should use only the best mushroom growing kits for maximum yields.

Optimal Mushroom Growth Conditions

It’s important to avoid direct sunlight exposure when growing mushrooms! Mushrooms thrive well in dark, cool, and humid conditions. Wild mushrooms grow in caves, rotting logs, and under shade.

Where can you grow mushrooms at home?

Mushrooms are one of the easiest plants to grow! They can grow in almost any area around the house or backyard, as long as there is no direct sunlight.

Mushrooms require both high humidity and temperatures below 70 degrees F.

You should also water your mushrooms regularly.

We recommend you follow the instructions on your mushroom growth kit since different mushrooms differ in moisture requirements.