Best Rear Tine Tillers

Many outdoor enthusiasts have gladly embraced the art of farming in recent years! Individual farming is increasing in popularity these days, unlike in the past when most farming was done on a larger scale.

What will a farmer do if the soil is hard and rocky? What would you do?

You would want to take advantage of the best rear line tiller out there!

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YARDMAX YT465 Dual Rotating – Best Rear Tine Tiller Under $1000


Taking up the top stop in our reviews is the YARDMAX YT465 Dual Rotating Real Tine Tiller! With a 208 cc Stratton engine and 190-revolutions per minute, it’s only fair to offer this all-time classic the top spot.

The heavy-duty engine allows extremely fast tilling!

This tiller has 7 depth adjustment settings, ideal to cover all soil types and tilling purposes! Equipment is easy to operate and has a flexible handle that can be driven by a single hand.

If you’re worried about tines, the YARDMAX YT465 Dual Rotating Real Tine Tiller has 13 self-sharpening tines! You’ll not be required to sharpen them, saving you precious time and reducing the risk of injury.

Integrated dual rotating trimmers make it ideal for all soil types. The forward rotation is great for normal cultivation, whereas the counter is ideal when deep tilling is required.

Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Gear

Southland SRTT196E –

The Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Gear has massive tines that make it ideal for heavy-duty depth tilling, offering a tine adjustment setting for the desired depth.

While your engine is started manually, gears can either be driven forward or reverse.

Earthquake Victory 29702 CRT Kohler Rear Tine Tiller

Earthquake Victory 29702 –

If you want a rear tine tiller that is easy to control and maneuver around, then consider purchasing this one! It is compact and considered suitable for beginners.

Husqvarna Counter Rotation Real Tine Tiller CRT900

Husqvarna Counter Rotation Real Tine Tiller –

Though slightly expensive, the Husqvarna Counter Rotation Real Tine Tiller is worth every single dime spent! It’s designed for heavy-duty work, powered by a 205 cc Briggs and Stratton engine. It’s also built for long life and optimal performance.

This one offers counter-rotating tines that allow deep digging, easily breaking the land!

Tires are Chevron-built to allow maximum grip for easy maneuver and traction.

It even allows 14 inches width tilling and adjustable depth!

Troy-built Super Branco Counter Rotating Real Tine Tiller

Troy-built Super Branco –

Taking the 5th spot in our best rear tine tiller reviews is Troy-built Super Branco Counter Rotating Real Tine Tiller. This machine is ideal for heavy-duty work!

The engine is well protected and designed for long-lasting life.

Tines are made of strengthened steel and counter-rotate for both fast and deep tilling.

Champion 19-inch Dual Rotating Real Tine Tiller

Champion 19-inch Dual Rotating Real Tine Tiller –

The Champion 19-inch Dual Rotating Real Tine Tiller is a masterpiece when it comes to tilling hard and rocky land! It allows 19-inch width and adjustable 8-inch depth when tilling.

A powerful 212cc heavy-duty engine is the largest of any in our list! The tires are self-propelled and 13 inches, designed to move easily on just about any terrain.

How to Choose the Best Rear Tine Tiller

Deciding on a final product can sometimes seem overwhelming, even if you know exactly what you’re looking for! We’ve prepared a convenient list depicting several key factors to consider before purchasing.

These will help ensure you only settle with the best rear tine tiller for your own unique needs!


After all is said and done, the engine is what really sets a great rear tine tiller apart from the rest! A faulty engine means your equipment won’t perform properly.

You can opt for either a 2 or 4 stroke engine, depending on the task. A powerful 4 stroke engine is designed for heavy-duty tasks but consumes more fuel at the same time.

Ensure your lubricant oil tank never runs dry so your machine will provide the longest, most effective service. You’ll prolong the life of your engine this way.

Tire Type

The type of tires used plays a crucial role in the stability of the equipment! Big and strong tires offer the high stability essential for easy maneuvering.

Tires should be durable as well as large. You might end up replacing your tires frequently otherwise.

Transmission Type

The type of transmission used is a key factor in determining the rear tine tiller most worth purchasing! Most brands have a forward and reverse transmission. This is particularly useful because it allows re-tilling a given area with less hustle or unnecessary maneuvering.

Some have different speed settings depending on your given different soil settings.

High speeds are best for loose soil while a moderate speed is recommended for hard and rocky areas.

Refund policy

The best rear tine tillers you’ll find will have a warranty policy. We recommend you choose a brand with a warranty and order a tiller from a reputable seller.


It’s impossible to overlook cost whenever a purchase is in question. Price works based on two basic principles. You can only buy what you can afford, and expensive doesn’t always guarantee high quality!

Never sacrifice quality for the lowest price. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Rear Tine Tillers

What is a Rear Tine Tiller?

Assuming that everyone reading this post knows what a rear tine tiller is would be unfair! Even those who claim to know what it is sometimes can’t accurately define what it is. What exactly is a rear tine tiller?

A rear tine tiller is a garden tool built with the engine at the front and blades at the back. It has self-propelled wheels and is ideal to use on hard and rocky soil.

When to Use a Rear Tine Tiller?

Out of all of the gardening tools in existence, how do you decide on when it is appropriate to use a rear tine tiller? The following circumstances are ideal:

Hard and Rocky

If you’re not new to farming, chances are you’ve been in a situation where you were required to till rocky or hard land. It’s never easy, especially if you decide to go manual!

Manual tilling is time-consuming, and you won’t break the rocks needed to enable the roots to find their way smoothly.

A rear tine tiller is ideal in such a situation. It is the perfect size and weight, while and tough enough to break through hard soil. A rear tine tiller penetrates deep, leaving no rock unturned!

Average-Sized Areas

A rear tine tiller is ideal for either average-sized or small areas! It’s run by an engine while your manual presence is required to help direct tilling. It can still be used in a large area, but would be tiresome.

No Prior Experience Required

Most farmers will tell you one of their worst fears is getting hit by a rock while tilling! A rear tine tiller is designed to run from the front. You can worry less about loose rocks getting thrown towards you!

This tool is ideal for people with no prior experience in farming! Operating it is very basic, and there are fewer risks involved.

What is the difference between a rear tine tiller and other gardening tillers?

Is there a distinct difference between a rear tine tiller and other gardening tillers? The answer is yes!

The main difference has already been highlighted. A rear tine tiller’s engine is in the front with the blades at the back. This is the exact opposite of most other gardening tillers.

Compared to other gardening tillers, a rear tine tiller is heavier and designed for more heavy-duty work. It tends to have a large, powerful engine!

How to Use a Rear Tine Tiller

Purchasing the best rear tine tiller is only one piece of the puzzle. You should know how to use it safely! Though it is straightforward and basic, there are a few things you should know for effective use.

  • Remove large rocks and debris, especially if you are tilling the land for the first time. This helps prevent damage to the tines from hard rocks.
  • Set the ideal depth, preferably between 6-10 inches. If you are not sure how to do it, refer to the instruction manual.
  • Most tillers have a forward and reverse gears. Set them accordingly!
  • Till virgin land twice in a crosshatch pattern.

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