7 Different Types Of Lawn Mowers – Which One Is Best For You?

When it comes to making a reasonable and responsible choice for your yard, you will want to make sure that you are choosing a lawn mower that will help you develop the neat, manicured lawn that you have always dreamed of.

Use the following guide to determine which mower is best suited to your yard, the environment, your budget, and ultimately which one is best for you.

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In this guide, we will go over all of the pros and cons of seven different types of lawn mowers to help you determine which one will give you a yard worth envying.

Reel Mower – Nice And Neat

This nifty little mower, the reel mower, is also known as a cylinder mower.

It has vertically rotating blades at the front of the mower which slices against a fixed blade.

When you first see one, you may think you have traveled back in time to the 50’s but don’t be fooled, these mowers provide a nice, neat cut, and have the most amount of maneuverability.

Unfortunately, a reel mower is powered manually, and they can get tiring if you have a larger yard, but they are more environmentally friendly than any other mower since they don’t use batteries or fuel.

What is it like using a reel mower?

Thefrugalgirl.com has a good post on her experience with a Fishkars mower.

Push Mower – Common But Powerful

The push mower is the most common type of walk-along mower available on the market, it has a single blade that rotates at an incredible speed.

It may not be the most advanced mower on the market, but it works great for medium or longer grass, and it can allow more space between mowing sessions without negative impact.

The push mower may be common, but it is a powerful upgrade from a reel mower.

When you compare a push mower to a reel mower, the reel mower provides a more manicured look, but the push mower makes your job quicker.

How to mow really tall grass with a push lawn mower?


Self-Propelled Mower – Quick And Easy

Self-propelled lawnmowers have not only an engine, but also a transmission that helps to propel the machine forward.

This allows the user to not really need to push it, but more be a guide to ensure that it doesn’t meander too far off track.

A self-propelled mower is easy to operate and is much quicker than a regular push mower.

A self-propelled mower doesn’t require any manpower, and it is more consistent when cutting since the speed is less varied.

The downside to a self-propelled mower is that it is a little more expensive and requires more maintenance, however, most people find that the extra cost is worth it.

Hover Mower – For Awkward Yards

If you have an awkwardly shaped yard, then a hover mower can be the answer to all of your problems.

These neat little lawnmowers hover just a few inches above the ground. They sit on a cushion of air, and due to their reduced contact with the ground they have less friction.

The hover mower is extremely easy to guide around the yard making them ideal for maneuvering around objects and obstacles.

Another benefit to a hover mower is that they can be fairly inexpensive, but the drawback is that these mowers don’t have a lot of power, often electric, they are best suited to smaller yards.

Robotic Lawnmower – Programmable And Relaxing

We’ve always been fascinated with the little vacuum cleaners that are like fairies cleaning up behind us.

Each year it seems these little robots get better and better at their jobs, and it seems that the technology is now evolving to include our yards.

If you like the idea of kicking back with a glass of ice-cold iced tea and watching a lawn mower do the work without any effort, then check out the robotic lawnmowers that are available right now.

These nifty little gadgets are cutting edge, but aren’t meant for larger yards, but if you have a smaller area to maintain the robotic lawnmower may be the answer for you.

Standard Riding Lawnmower – For Large Yards

If you have a larger yard, and you can’t see yourself pushing your way across it, regardless of how powerful the self-propelled transmission is on the mower, then a riding lawnmower may be what you are needing.

The riding lawnmower doesn’t have all of the nifty gadgets that a garden tractor does, but it will help you maintain your large yard in an efficient way and will usually have an option for attachments that allow you to tote tools for your garden as well.

The drawback to a riding lawnmower is the cost as well as the storage space required.

Zero-Turn Lawnmower – Pivot And Turn

The zero-turn lawnmower is one of the most amazing maneuverable riding lawn mowers out there, it is able to pivot and turn, making it ideal for cutting tightly against landscaped edges in your yard or other objects and obstacles.

The zero-turn lawnmower provides an amazing finish on most lawns and are typically the easiest to use.

They are controlled by lap bars that control dual transmissions that operate the rear wheels.

The design of these mowers is unlike anything else available. Unfortunately, these lawnmowers are expensive, ranging in price from $1000 to $6000.

Power Types – A Deciding Factor

Something that you may want to consider when it comes to finding the perfect mower for your yard are the several different types of power that operate them.

There is a wide range of power types, and they can be a deciding factor for what you choose to purchase.

There are options that range from manual power, to gas, electric, and battery.

Manual – Powered By Humans

If you are an enthusiast for the planet and go out of your way to find more sustainable ways to live then manual lawnmowers may be the option you are looking for.

These mowers only require the power of your own body.

On the other hand, if you have a larger yard you may want to consider other options.

Gas – Common And Easy

The most common lawnmower is the gas-powered lawnmower, these mowers are push mowers, self-propelled, riding, and a plethora of others.

The benefit of a gas-powered lawn mower is that they are common, and easy to operate.

They are also usually more easily maintained.

The downside to the gas-powered lawnmower is that it is powered by gas, which is expensive and a resource we are rapidly running out of. Have no fear, there are other options.

Electric – Popular & Lightweight

While the thought of being attached to an electrical wire while you are pushing a mower that has blades seems a little frightening, these mowers are becoming more popular each year. This is because these electric powered mowers are lightweight, and easier to handle or maneuver. They are also easier to store, and don’t run out of gas.

The downside to an electric motor is of course, the chord. If you have a yard that is larger than your longest extension chord, then you may run into problems.

Battery – More Expensive Than Electric

Battery powered lawn mowers usually run off of a lithium-ion battery, which is also lightweight and long lasting.

A battery powered lawn mower has all of the benefits of an electric mower and to top it off, it isn’t tethered to a cord.

The issue with an electric lawn mower is that it is more expensive to purchase, and the batteries tend to need to be replaced every few years.