How To Keep Dogs Out Of Plant Beds?

Now that you’ve planted all this beautiful foliage, one question remains: how to keep dogs out of plant beds?

How will you keep your vegetables safe from those hungry fur-kids?

Watching your plants become demolished after all of that hard work can seem pretty frustrating. 

If you want to know how to keep dogs out of plant beds, try any one of our suggestions below!

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Fence Barrier

A physical barrier would probably be the most obvious option! Many people suggest a simple chicken wire fence surrounding your plant beds. This wouldn’t cost you very much and be easy to install.

What if your dog learns to leap over the chicken wire? However unlikely, this is still a possibility. You could always install a taller, more costly fence!

Several different types of dog fences exist in literally all sizes! You can even install an underground electric fence surrounding your plant beds. You’ll have to teach your dog his barriers for that to work, however.

What kind of fence will you decide to install? You’ll have several options!

Greenhouse/ Grow Tent

Why not just have your plants inside a greenhouse? Unless your dog tears his way inside, there is no way he is getting into those plant beds.

Your plants would also be protected from the elements, as well as any other animals that may choose to take a bite out of them.

You’ll be able to find the supplies you need at most local hardware stores. On top of that, your yard will look appealing with its’ very own greenhouse!

Short Stakes

Some pet owners suggest simply driving several short stakes down into the soil through your plant bed. Though it might not be overly attractive, no dog will want to lie down on a wooden stake!

Several short stakes driven throughout your plant bed would likely be a simpler, cost-effective option for you.

Create a dedicated play or dig zone!

Often, dogs will dig because they are either anxious or bored. Anxiety/ boredom is more likely to be the case if you’ve already made sure to let them know you don’t want them in a certain area, and your dog is still digging.

So, what can you do?

Make sure your dog stay’s active! Offer plenty of physical stimulation. Keep your pup busy! In addition to the 1-2 walks you offer daily, create a play zone where your dog is allowed to play!

Set up a dedicated digging area! Encourage play here with rewards and plenty of praise!

How does the psychology work here? What is to stop your dog from digging anywhere he wants? Read more about that.

Step One: Reward Desired Behavior

Nearly all of the biggest names in animal behavior today, professionals at the tops of their fields with decades of experience and often multiple advanced degrees, will highly recommend force-free, reward-based dog training.

The days of ‘heavy handed’ dominance-based training techniques are long behind us. In fact, they have been debunked by countless biologists over two decades ago, and very few credible experts support these theories.

You want to reward the behavior you like!

This is far more important than punishing behavior you don’t like. Reward your dog for playing in the designated play area!

Step Two: Very Mild Punishments (If Any)

In psychological terms, a ‘punishment’ is any outcome/stimulus that decreases the likelihood of a behavior occurring again. That is all it is! Punishments don’t have to be harsh, uncomfortable, or frightening.

Take the example of walking your dog. Your dog pulls on the lead, so you simply stop walking until the leash is slack again. Stopping the walk is the punishment here, and continuing the walk is the reward. You didn’t hurt or frighten your dog at all!

Motion Activated Sprinkler System

This is an example of a minor punishment! Your dog crosses a certain boundary, or ventures too close to those plant beds, and the sprinklers come on. Not only will this help keep your pup out, but it will also water your plants at the same time!

This of course means that your dog can’t like the sprinklers!

Keeping dogs out of the plant beds doesn’t have to be a tricky thing! This may simply require some ingenuity. Are you ready for the challenge?