Rear Tine Tiller’s Advantages and FAQs

The following are the main advantages that rear tine tillers offer.

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Added Safety

Safety always comes first! The last thing you want is to injure yourself while tilling your land. A rear tine tiller is equipped with various safety features to prevent this.

Rear tine tillers run from the front, reducing the chances of loose rocks being thrown in your direction. This is relatively common with other tilling equipment!

Some brands come equipped with both side and rear shields, helping prevent unexpected injuries. As a precaution, it is recommended that you remove large rocks or debris prior to tilling.

Easy to Use

You don’t need a degree in rocket science to till the land with the best rear tine tiller! They are easy to use because wheels are connected directly to the engine.

When the wheels are connected directly to the engine, you don’t have to move a muscle when pushing your tiller! When the engine is turned on it will move all by itself. Directing your tiller is all that is required of you.

Extra Strength and Power

Rear tine tillers run on engine power, making them more powerful than most other gardening equipment that runs manually. The extra engine power helps add to tilling efficiency.

With a rear tine tiller, one is able to till a large area fast and effectively! You also have a chance to control the width and depth of the till.

Extra Stability

Rear tine tillers have large and strong tires! This is especially helpful when providing stability. Strong tires not only provide extra grip but also give much-needed stability for easy maneuvering!

When it comes to stability, a rear tine tiller is able to work on just any kind of soil with less pushing or pulling involved!

FAQs About Rear Tine Tillers

Is a front or rear tine tiller better?

What sets rear tine tillers from other tilling equipment is the front engine placement This helps ensure safety and easy control! So yes, a rear tine tiller is better than front tine tiller.

How deep can a rear tine tiller dig?

This will depend on a given brand. The best rear tine tillers have an adjustable tilling depth of anything between 2-9 inches.

Do I need to remove grass before tilling?

No, the only thing you need to remove is large rocks and debris.

Is tilling bad for soil?

Tilling is not bad for the soil! It actually helps loosen the soil, allowing aeration.

What is the difference between tiller and cultivator?

A tiller is used to break compact soil, whereas a cultivator loosens the soil- allowing easy aeration.