What To Do With Pine Needles In The Yard?

Pine needles are often harvested and dried then cleaned and bailed in order to be sold in order to be used as a landscaping tool.

Do you know what to do with pine needles in the yard? Pine needles help to keep gardens free of weeds and other debris.

Pine needles can be used as a way to introduce acidity to soil, as a mulch, and as a way to keep away certain animals and insects, but there are many other uses.

Pine needles can flavor teas or vinegars, help to start fires, grill certain meats, and even have medicinal properties.

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Should I Remove Pine Needles From The Lawn?

You may be wondering if you should remove pine needles from the lawn? If you have an excess of pine needles you may consider harvesting them instead of simply removing them.

How to Harvest Pine Needles

  1. Keep the area under the pine trees free of weeds and other debris
  2. Pine needles are shed between August and January
  3. Try to collect needles cleanly, before it rains or otherwise.
  4. Leave a scattering of needles as they fall to help nourish the tree
  5. Spread out the needles and allow them to dry
  6. Bail the needles and keep them in a temperature-controlled environment for storage or sale
  7. If you are using them immediately, you can simply move the needles from under the tree to wherever you intend to use them.

As you harvest pine needles, try to think about what they will be used for. If you are using needles for tea, it is best to harvest them directly from the tree. hese needles are high in Vitamin C, they are also used as a medicinal aid and can be used as a healing soak for arthritis.

Redwood needles in particular have antimicrobial properties that can be beneficial in treating colds and the flu.

What Do You Do With Fallen Pine Needles?

If you have an excess of pine needles, you may wonder what to do with fallen pine needles?

Pine needles can flavor teas or vinegars, help to start fires, grill certain meats, and even have medicinal properties.

Do Lawn Sweepers Pick Up Pine Needles?

Perhaps you’ve seen one at a hardware store, and you’re wondering if lawn sweepers pick up pine needles?

Most lawn sweepers that you find will be the tow-behind type that attach to a riding mower.

If you don’t have or don’t use or don’t need a riding mower there are still lawn sweepers out there that you can use.

A push lawn sweeper is actually very lightweight, and it is simple to maneuver it around your yard.

A typical lawn sweeper is about 21 inches across and mimics the sweeping motion of a rake.

This is useful for the collection of needles and debris.

Since needles aren’t particularly heavy, the sweepers easily pick them up.

A lawn sweeper picks up needles on any surface if you choose one that has an adjustable height control.

It can even pick the needles up off sidewalks and patios.

A collection bag can hold up to 2.5 bushels or so, and it is easily removable.

Why Do You Need To Pick Up Pine Needles?

The most important thing about picking up pine needles is that they take quite a long time to decompose.

So, why do you need to pick up pine needles? If left on grass, it can cause it to yellow or have bald spots.

Pine needles aren’t a problem for yards that don’t have a lot of grass, but if you do then there is a maintenance protocol that needs to be followed.

Pine Needle Removal Services

Most local landscaping companies will offer some type of specific service to remove pine needles, and since pine needles fall regularly, you may need service a few times a year.

It may be more cost effective to invest in a tool to remove them yourself, but if you don’t feel comfortable, make sure that you compare prices for a few different companies.

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