Where To Place A Greenhouse In The Garden? 5 Essential Tips And More

One day you woke up and decided life was too short not to have a greenhouse in your garden. Seems like a great, yet simple decision.

But then you start asking yourself a few questions.

  • Where to place a greenhouse in your garden?
  • How to decorate the landscape around the greenhouse?
  • Which are the best locations for the greenhouse?
  • And what to put in a greenhouse?

Worry not! We’re here to answer these questions and give you essential tips on where to place a greenhouse, how to decorate it and even what to put in it.

A greenhouse brings lots of advantages, such as being able to grow all year round, extend the gardening season, grow exotic plants and so on.

We bet you can’t wait! So, let’s begin.

First Things First: Decide Size and Style of your Greenhouse 

There are different sizes and styles of greenhouses to choose from.

If you just want a greenhouse to grow a few plants, as a hobby, you will probably want a small sized one or medium sized.

If you plan on starting a business, you will probably need a much larger greenhouse. We’ll also discuss where to put a mini greenhouse a bit further in this same post!

There are also different styles of greenhouses, as thoroughly explained in this blog post. Each greenhouse style has its pros and cons.

The lean-to type is smaller and “cut in half”, so to say. It leans against a wall. Then there are taller ones, shorter ones, arched ones, made of glass and more.

You should also consider how strong the building is (you want your greenhouse to be able to survive little kids throwing rocks or balls at it, preferably), and how much maintenance it will need.

After taking these things into consideration and choosing your greenhouse properly, it will be a lot easier to decide where to place.

Let’s continue!

Your Greenhouse Needs Sunshine And Light 

Observe which specific area of your garden gets the most sunshine and light. This way your plants will have a better chance to thrive.

Ideally, the greenhouse should get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day during the winter.

Of course, you can also consider getting grow lights to help even more.

If you’re wondering whether you should place your greenhouse south, east, north or west, the answer varies.

Some say you should place the greenhouse east to west, so your plants get more light during winter, some say you should place the greenhouse north to south.

The truth is that details like this aren’t one size fits all.

You’ll will have to learn and observe, and choose according to your region and how your house is placed.

Avoid Putting your Greenhouse next to Big Shadows

Choose an area that is protected from harsh winds, frost pockets and big shadows.

Avoid areas next to big trees or buildings, because these shadows can prevent the plants from getting the necessary sunlight that they need.

A greenhouse in the shadows is a sad greenhouse.

Another disadvantage of placing a greenhouse next to tall trees, is because branches can break off and might scratch or even smash glass, not to mention minor issues that can occur.

But if you want to grow plants that need partial shade, then placing the greenhouse next to tall trees or buildings might come in handy.

During the hot summer, they’ll get some sunlight and some shade, and during winter, leaves will fall and they’ll get added sunlight.

Check The Site

A greenhouse can be put anywhere, but it’s smart to check the site.

How so?

The bottoms of slopes can stay frozen for longer than higher ground because hot air rises and cold air lowers.

Some gardens have wet areas or are prone to surface water due to poor drainage and a lack of sunlight. Place your greenhouse in a more convenient spot.

If you Have Kids or Grandkids

If you have small kids or grandkids, think about placing the greenhouse in an area where kids won’t be playing and running around.

If they’re playing football, for example, and the ball hits a greenhouse pane and smashes it, it could be dangerous for the kids (and your pocket!)

Where To Position a Mini Greenhouse

A mini greenhouse is significantly smaller than a regular greenhouse, but the purpose is the same: to create an environment appropriate to grow certain plants. They come in various sizes and formats, and some are even portable.

So, the appropriate place to position a mini greenhouse is the same as a regular one. Choose a location that gets lots of sunlight, 6 hours per day, even during winter.

Also choose a location where you can see the greenhouse, that way, you won’t forget about it.

But be careful not to place the greenhouse in an area where kids might run around and throw balls at the greenhouse panes.

Landscaping Around a Greenhouse: Make the greenhouse a place to be, not just a place to go

One of the prettiest things you can have in your garden is a greenhouse with decoration around it. They look like places right out of a book.

So how to landscape around a greenhouse?

Here are top tips.

Make a path that leads to the greenhouse.

You can have flower beds around the area too, and a patio

A lovely path leading to the greenhouse can be a total game changer, not only aesthetically but it will also inspire you to go there more often and garden more.

Just remember any trees or plants nearby need space for their roots to breathe.

Use lots of pots and cachepots with low maintenance plants

Of course, the greenhouse is meant to be used, so we have a suggestion: decorate around it with low maintenance plants, so you can spend more time inside the greenhouse.

Don’t be afraid to use statues and other kinds of garden ornaments

Don’t let anyone tell you what’s in fashion and what’s not: if you feel like decorating your greenhouse with lots of cute ornaments, don’t worry and be happy!

Use plants that attract butterflies and bees, but repel cats and other too-curious animals

Cats are curious, and if they get into your greenhouse, they can make a mess. So, you can plant cat-repellent plants around the greenhouse.

We actually have a post all about plants that repel cats here.

What To Put in A Greenhouse: What can You Grow in a Greenhouse?

Starting seeds

Ideally, you should have seed-starting trays in your greenhouse to grow these.

Good choices for beginners

you can start learning with easy to grow plants such as radishes, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions, leafy greens, lettuce, African violets, begonias, peace lilies, lavender, and sunflowers.

Vegetables and fruits that love warmer climate

Because greenhouses are warmer, you can grow even more “exotic” vegetables and fruits such as melons, sweet potatoes, tropical fruits, pears, bananas, oranges, and so on.

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